Hosted user verifications
for your online platform.

We focus on the details so you don't have to.

A single integration unlocks a suite of hosted verifications
connected to industry-leading fraud services.

Simple integration

Drop a few lines of JavaScript on your site to start verifying users.

Easy customization

Choose which verifications you want and configure their look-and-feel.

Programmatic access
A RESTful API to securely fetch the data you need.

Think about fraud in terms of deterrence.

Bad actors follow the path of least resistance
defrauding platforms with the fewest protections.

Stop spam signups

Seamless email and phone verification helps prevent low-intent or fake signups while also catching typos.

Age verification

Securely verify users are 18+ or 21+ by scanning their driver license or identification card.

Guarantee deliverability
Checks against USPS data to ensure a deliverable address with an accurate apartment or unit number.

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